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Being a music creative = being a manager?

As I progress through my career, I realize how often the balance between a responsible leader and being an independent creative person has not been right. Since becoming more involved with music production and media composition, it has hit home with me how important organization and good leadership skills are required to maintain a successful business. Being good to work with, being a clear communicator, and being organized with communication is essential. It is true, you become the head of a department to deliver a successful project. Client interaction must be two-way, though!

Being the musical director of several performance groups has helped me develop these skills, and I now get to apply those skills back to this area of my work by allowing more people around me to accept more responsibility and to trust that they will do the best job possible and guide where needed. As a result, my focus can lie more with the creative aspects of the job, which are the more unique qualities I can bring to the table anyway!

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