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Choir blend and detail

Updated: Jun 13

As with music production, small improvements in sound add up to create an overall better mix. This week I am working with the various choirs I direct on improving the small differences that may even seem insignificant. Asking each individual voice to improve their tone and listening out to voices around them in order to improve the blend. An interesting thought arose - the idea that listening and singing was two separate activities. It reminded me that things like this should never be taken for granted and should be continuously reinforces, just like the music production techneques it needs to be a constantly evolving method and should always be guided by the ears. The difference with the first choir I approached the music like that was wonderful, a much clearer sound overall. On to the next one this evening to see if the same approach has the same results - they are slightly busier with engagements though so it needs to be tought in a way that has more of a focus on preparation for performance, the the priority for the choristers to feel confident across the entire programme!

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